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Electronic Cigarette Liquid: A Good Choice for You

An electronic cigarette liquid is a mixture which is used in vapor products such as e-cigarettes. It is also known as a vaping liquid. With the popularity of electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers, it has become a huge part of the vaping around everywhere and has given a great experience to the users.  

The main ingredients of this liquid are propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine, and flavouring. Some of the e-juices are available without nicotine also. You can also choose nicotine level in your e-liquid as every liquid have different flavors and different nicotine level. The flavouring used in it is same as any other cooking ingredients. This liquid is easily available in the market and is mostly recommended for vaporization.

Formation of vapors

In vaping, the aerosol is formed by the e-liquid when in an electronic cigarette or any other vaporizer, the temperature reaches to 100-250 degree Celsius within a chamber. The user while inhaling takes in the aerosol formed by the liquid rather than the cigarette smoke. This proves that it is healthy for the user and does not give the potential danger to him/her as a traditional cigarette can cause.

In the vaping liquid, the propylene glycol and glycerine are especially used to form the vapors and the different flavors are present in the liquid for taste and aroma. The aerosol gives the feel and flavours same as the tobacco smoking. The vapors from the e-liquid stimulate the tobacco smoke but the best part of it is that the tobacco does not get burned.

As propylene glycol is present in the liquids the vapors are evenly formed and give a good experience to the trainer. The vegetable glycerine present in it is thick and sweet. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are 90% of all the contents of e-juice and rest 10% in the liquid are nicotine and flavourings.

The properties of the ingredients

The juices can be prepared with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine separately. The propylene glycol containing liquid is thinner as compared to that containing the vegetable glycerine which is much thicker. The thinner liquid makes it easier for the wax or the cotton the atomizer to absorb the e-liquids.

The thinner consistency also makes it better as less residue is generated on the tank and the atomizer and thus gives a cleaner vaping experience. The thinner liquid makes it possible to have a smoking cigarette experience by hitting the throat strongly. The thicker vape liquid on the other side produces a large residue which builds upon the tank and the atomizer and reduces the life-span of the atomizer. A minimal throat hit is experienced with the thicker liquid.

The vaping liquids thicker or thinner it depends upon the choice of the user and the type of vaping experience he is looking forward to. Most commonly thinner liquids are used over the thicker ones.

The presence of the nicotine in the vape juice is also an important point to consider and should be chosen as per the tolerance of a person towards it. If you have recently started using the vaping juices then you must choose a lower level of nicotine and then level it up.

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